About the Chocolate Ocelot

The Chocolate Ocelot is British and lives South-east England.

The Chocolate Ocelot like comics, TV, roleplaying games, biscuits and Victoria Coren-Mitchell off of smartypants quiz show Only Connect.

The Chocolate Ocelot writes about comics, TV, roleplaying games, biscuits, issues of a transgendery nature, the Edinburgh Fringe, books, going to the shops and anything else that enters its mind. Self-mockery and impotent ranting mask the Chocolate Ocelot's inner loneliness and yawning depression.

The Chocolate Ocelot would dearly love to be given the opportunity to crank out short articles for a leading Sunday magazine and give up its day job.

The Chocolate Ocelot likes mellifluous words of South American origin, such as chocolate and ocelot. Pouch is not a South American word, but is quite mellifluous anyway.

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