Saturday, 4 July 2015

Screen Cleaner and Bat's Wee

Was despatched to Tesco's last night for some - and I quote - 'cheap rum'. Was amused and disturbed in equal parts by the plain label 'Tesco Everyday Value Rum' on offer. This has the tinge of Orwell's Victory Gin to it.
No doubt the epicureans/functional alcoholics/pirates among you are well aware of the concept of 'everyday rum', but to me this feels odd. Like it's a household staple.
"Let's see now... bread, check, milk, check, toilet tissue, check, what else? Oh yes, a ration of grog made from screen cleaner and bat's wee, check. That's the basic shopping done."
Now looking out for Tesco Everyday Value Heroin. Bet you get lots of club card points for that.

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