Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Theta Sigma

From the BBC publicity release:

“Follow the adventures of young Gallifreyans learning to ‘master’ both their own incredible abilities and subjects like The History Of Everything and Basic Dematerialisation, whilst struggling with the responsibilities of being young and very old at the same time.

Follow the time-hopping adventures of students and friends like nervous Koschei, swottish Ushas, fun-loving Mortimus and of course bad boy Theta Sigma, as well as their teachers like grumpy old Professor Morbius and exchange student ‘Sally’ from the Draconian Empire.

Pilot episode: ‘The Boy Who’

In the vein of Endeavour, Smallville and (Rassilon help us) Rock & Chips, Theta Sigma is a pitch for a dreadfully predictable teatime Dr Who prequel series, set in the Time Lord Academy on Gallifrey. In fact, given that it will joyfully rewrite existing Who mythology, I would go so far as to give it the newly-coined term ‘preboot’.

Basically Harry Potter with TARDISes instead of broomsticks and sonic screwdrivers instead of wands. Or The New Mutants with Shobogans. Or Primeval with marginally less dinosaurs and running around empty streets.

One of the teachers will almost certainly be played by Anthony Stewart Head or Alexander Siddig.

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